Weekly Journal Entries — Week 5 [BSU VIP]

This week I started laying things out on Minerva. It is my very first time using Blackboard Learn as an instructional designer, although I have been in the same learning manage system as a graduate student as well as a teaching assistant. Having been playing around for a few days, I realized that while many things about Blackboard can be intuitive to anyone who has used it before, it is not always the case. Fortunately, I managed to locate some tutorial directions, and they helped me getting my head around how to operate this system.

During my initial stage of designing, I gave more thoughts on the selection of instructional media and delivery technologies. First of all, my design module should implement in a predominantly asynchronous online format. Because an asynchronous format would better meet the needs of my client (having students conducted most of the learning outside the classroom).

Next, the client already decided the technologies that will deliver his instructions (YouTube tutorial videos). As for instructional media, I tried to consider as many factors as I can think of (e.g., learner needs, characteristics, performance context, learning content, and desired learning outcomes) when selecting the media that will facilitate students’ planned learning experiences. To be more specific, assessments in the forms of duplicating PDF drawings and keeping reflection journals are chosen to support students’ learning tasks and strategies identified for this module.


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