Weekly Journal Entries — Week 4 [BSU VIP]

This week I completed the initial storyboard, after reviewing the module information from client, all his tutorial videos on YouTube as well as his website.

Client and I share files by Good Drive through our accounts with Bath Spa. As previously planned, Rob has put together a term’s worth of module information and provided me an outline of what he wants me to work on. The module runs for 4-6 weeks. His outline gives me breakdown of weekly topics. Rob calls them little “learning loops”, which teach students the use of CAD package, but do not need much time in the classroom; therefore, ideally he wants them to be done online. Rob has emphasised the point repeatedly that he does not want to waste time in sessions teaching students content they could learn on their own.

In reflection, I took the following steps throughout the storyboard design: first, I analyzed needs to define my redesign project, which involved identifying project stakeholders, expectation, and defining the problem and goals; next, I analyzed learner needs and characteristics, resources, content, and the contexts of instruction; after that, I identified overall module learning outcomes; and then I started to think about assessment and evaluation.

For assessment, in addition to asking students to copy PDF drawings as requested by the instructor, I added the element of weekly reflection blog posts. The plan is to ask students to complete at least 5 journal entries throughout the module and share them with the instructor and peers in class. Students will be asked to read and comment on each other’s posts, sharing their weekly tricks/hacks/challenges/ideas with one another. This is to promote interactions among students (and instructor) outside the classroom.

Next week, I will start the actual redesign of this module on Minerva. I am not sure how to “invite” Rob into the “sandbox” in the learning management system. Also, after carefully reviewing the module information I have collected from client, I realized I am still missing critical information for the project. I ought to further communicate with client and seek additional information from him. I hope I will be able to progress smoothly in my next steps.


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