Weekly Journal Entries — Week 3 [BSU VIP]

This week I explored the storyboard samples provided in Minerva and also reviewed and analyzed the overall module information provided by my client Rob.

As mentioned earlier, this redesign project will be a Level-5 course in Theater Production. In this course, students learn intermediate skills in lighting programming and digital media.  Further communications with the client revealed that he hopes to present his students a more “finished” course framework through “flipping” his old course design. He has a series of old videos from as early as the year 2010, which makes the content somewhat out-of-date. Now he is working on producing new content for this redesigned module.

The instructor hopes to have students engaged with the relevant course contents before he gets to spend class time with them. Since students only meet for 2 hours every week, the instructor hopes to have them come to class prepared. That way, they can make much better use of the limited class time. With proper preparation, students will be able to be in practical space in class, where they can actually “do things”. However, a problem that the instructor has experienced in his teaching is, although students were told to watch selected YouTube videos beforehand, very often they still came to class without following such instructions and being unprepared. Through the redesign, the instructor wants to improve the above situation and to make sure that students have really learned certain contents before they attend the classes. In addition, my client hopes to make the module more interactive, rather than just asking students to watch some content and ask some questions then come to the sessions.

In the past, my client relied heavily on the online contents in his teaching, but the modules were never officially designed as blended modules. He has made attempts to take his set of normal module, reduce his instructor-centered elements, and add blended elements into it, in order to provide students better learning experiences. Rob recently found out if he were to integrate blended elements and “flip” the module, he would actually have to get it validated as a blended module, and the university would have to prove it. Again, all his students are onsite, and the instructor does not consider there is any “distance” at all.


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