Weekly Journal Entries — Week 2 [BSU VIP]

This week I had the first Hangouts meetings with both my mentor and client. Both meetings were informative, useful, and interesting. Exchanging ideas and backgrounds with Jeff really helped ease my concerns about conducting this project. To begin with, Jeff clarified several basic terms used differently in UK (class, course, module, etc.). He also explained the specific purposes of the two modules listed on my Minerva. One of the modules serves the purpose as a “sandbox”, so that I can go in and move the elements around for designing and testing. Once I received the module content from my client, the next step will be creating a storyboard for my redesigned module.

Before my first meeting with the client Rob, I have gathered some background information from his websites (Rob Sayer and On Stage Lighting). Feeling somewhat intimated due to the fact that I know absolutely nothing in the theatre production field, I know there is no need for me to worry, though, because my instructional design courses have taught me that Rob will be the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in this project. As a designer, I may not be familiar with all the learning contents. What I need to focus on is to work with the SME toward project goals.

According to Rob, one of his top desired features of the redesigned module is to use interactive design. While the module contents were heavily conducted online in the past, this redesign project will be a blended module (flipped). The module, “Lighting and Digital Media Skills”, will target the topics on stage lighting plans. It is a Level-5 course in Theatre Production (TP), and it will be offered to inter-mediate-level undergraduate students. For this module, students will meet for a 2-hour session on a weekly basis. All of the students in the TP courses are onsite and closely engaged to the TP programme and their instructor.

I will start creating the storyboard next week using my acquired information so far on this redesign project.


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