Weekly Journal Entries — Week 1 [BSU VIP]

Two weeks ago, I received an acceptance/welcome email from Dr. Dana Ruggiero, marking the beginning of my participation in the Bath Spa University (BSU) Virtual Internship Programme (VIP). My assigned client is Rob Sayer, a senior lecturer in Technical Theatre Production in the College of Liberal Arts (CoLA). I will be working on a design project for Rob Sayer under the supervision of Jeff Boehm, a learning technologist (LT) at the CoLA Digital Academy and my mentor during the BSU VIP. Monday I received my Bath Spa email address and login information from Jeff. Friday I sent out the first email to my client Rob and set up a Google Hangouts meeting with him next week.

I am excited about the potential this internship has and the valuable experience it could provide me. Meanwhile, I feel nervous about conducting an actual project that I have never done before during my more theory-based PhD study in Instructional Technology. I hope that my high familiarity to the Minerva user interface will be helpful in my intern project. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK), the university I recently graduated from, has been using Blackboard Learn for years. Now UTK just started on a transition from Blackboard to Canvas as the new Learning Management System.


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