[Su-IT570] A Collection of PLE Diagrams & IDT Blogs

PLE Digrams: excellent resource showing diagrams of various Personal Learning Networks (or environments), (n.d.), Ed Tech Post.

Found in this blog post: Why Tech Training for Faculty is a Waste of Time via online learning insights. This post has a very point on the effectiveness of faculty training for ed tech tools. Here I am quoting the concluding article of the post:

“Faculty training and professional development involves resources of time and money, as do investments in LMS platforms and other ed tech tools. Money is wasted however, if training is not conducted effectively to reach faculty, to help them to teach and incorporate technological tools, such as LMS platforms, that support learning outcomes and learner development. Too often training is ineffective, is one-dimensional focusing on only one aspect, either technical or pedagogical skills. Both are needed to support and develop faculty in becoming an instructor that is relevant and skilled in knowing when and how to use ed tech tools appropriately and effectively.”

The following is a list of IDT related blogs that I am currently following:

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  8. IDT News (News from the Instructional Design and Technology program at the University of Memphis)