Samba SUCCESS!!!

Well Well Well, another success for tonight!! 🙂

Made another attempt at finishing the Samba task. I was at the final stage last time; done everything successfully on my Ubuntu machine, but couldn’t figure out how to get to the share folder on my PC laptop anyhow.

I read Jame’s comments on this task and did a little research on my router page:


I also read about Finding My Router’s IP Address on Ubuntu Forums. So far didn’t find any error in my previous steps. Everything should be ready by now.

However, tried and tried and tried… I still couldn’t get to the share folder from PC.

Calmed myself down a bit, then I got back to the tutorial “How to configure Samba using a graphical interface in Ubuntu”.

Aha!! Finally realized I’ve been made one little careless+stupid mistake – TYPO!!!:

Correct way (from the tutorial): \\myubuntuhostname 

My error: //myubuntuhostname

Now mystery solved!! And I make it! Here are the share folder on my Ubuntu server and my Windows laptop. Success, yay!!~~~


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