Drupal SUCCESS!!!

I’m in heaven now!!

Didn’t want to get back to the tasks for while. It’s just too frustrating to me sometimes.

Decided to give it another try tonight. Turns out – big surprise!! Everything went smoothly. Got the whole thing done SUCCESSFULLY within 20 mins! Ha ha~

So, here’s the story:

Great Great Great help from James! 

Can’t make it without kindly encouragement from James and very helpful tips he provided from Ubuntu Forums.

Another great help comes from Quaxster’s blog. I’ve been following the steps on his blog. Last time I got stuck at Step 9.

First thing I did today was to fix the “permissions” problem. It went well and I got the drupal installation window soon. Though it showed there was a “Settings file” error.

So I went back to the “/var/www/…” folder to check this issue. Very soon, after the “/var/www/drupal7/sites/default” folder and the setting.php file problem was fixed, I had no problem anymore continuing with the installation. Here’re some screenshots during the rest of the process:

And here’s my drupal site. Aha!!!

It surely brightened my boring Friday night. 😀


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