This Doesn’t Make Sense Now… —— Moodle + Drupal + Drush … in Progress (3)

Sunday morning. Not being very productive. Frustration, and more frustration, from this Drupal installing attempt.

As usual, I started my new attempt with reading peers’ blogs (Nikki’s & Quackster’s).

First thing I tried was to uninstall the old Drupal. Now –

Questions: How do I uninstall the Drupal I’ve installed earlier? I did it from the Ubuntu Software Center. The Drupal folder was still there after my uninstallation: “/usr/share/drupal” (drupal6).

After learning the Alt+F2 trick, I did the “gksu nautilus” command and successfully moved my Drupal6 to “/var/www”, only to realize that it won’t allow me to do anything with this Drupal6 folder cause I’m not “the owner” and I didn’t have the option to change the “permissions” setting at all.

So, next thing I did was going to the Drupal site and downloaded the newer version Durpal7 and extracted it. It’s in my “/var/www” folder now.

However, I still couldn’t get the drupal installation window “with a little oily guy icon” as described on Quaxster’s blog. Wasn’t sure what to do next, I went to check my phpmyadmin link. Very panicked, I found my phymyadmin wasn’t working any more. For some reason, I tried all these different links over and over again.

All of a sudden, this showed up!!:

I had no idea what’s changed. But of course I tried to go through the Drupal install from there. However, –

So I went back to the “/var/www/drupal7/sites/default” folder and created this setting.php file there.

After this was done, I lost the drupal installation window, again!!:

The strange thing was, now phymyadmin got back to work again.

At this point, I was totally confused. What should I do next? Why are phymyadmin and http://localhost/drupal7/ on and off, for no reason? Interested to find that Nikki had the same problem (Drupal part three)!!

So far, I got stuck at somewhere between Step 8 and 9 in the instructions on Quaxster’s blog.



More Questions: What do I do if I need to change the permission when it says i’m not allowed? Chmod 777 tells me “Operation not permitted”.


4 thoughts on “This Doesn’t Make Sense Now… —— Moodle + Drupal + Drush … in Progress (3)

  1. Su,
    The Drupal install was def. the hardest one for me so far. In my blog I did not even put instructions on how to do it because I pretty much trial and errored my way through it. Keep reading install instructions on the drupal site and don’t give up. I will look into it to see if I can offer further suggestions.

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