Samba Installing. Well… almost done!

Tried the Samba task today.

I went through Nicole’s & Julie’s blogs and they led me to this great tutorial “How to configure Samba using a graphical interface in Ubuntu”. Then I followed the instructions step by step. I was able to follow all the directions quite well until the one LAST step. So:

I’ve installed Samba, then installed Samba Server configuration Tool.

Then I moved on to share the /home/su/Pictures folder by going to System–> Administration–>Samba.

I added the folder I want to share and setup the permissions access.

After that I went to the folder directory and set the share options.

Now the final thing I’m supposed to do is to check if I can connect from my windows machine.

I followed the tutorials and ran “” and it brought me to the router page.

My questions is: How do I get to the share folder?

I guess this question must sound very silly to you guys, but I got another dumb one here: What is the hostname of my Ubuntu machine?

Waiting for your reply.


Hi Nikki, thank you for your help!
So I’ve got my hostname here:


Then I went to my Window laptop and did “Run”. I entered //myubuntuhostname; it says error! Then I entered http://myubuntuhostname; it shows me this page:


Still can’t get to the share folder. I wonder why…


3 thoughts on “Samba Installing. Well… almost done!

  1. Oh, those aren’t dumb questions…I should have included that in my post because I had to look it up too. To find out my the hostname of my Ubuntu server, I simply went to the Terminal and typed hostname and then hit enter. The name of my machine is ubuntu. So I then went to my Windows 7 laptop, went to the Start button> All Programs> Accessories> Run. Then in the Run text box I entered //ubuntu, so if yours is different it would be //yourubuntuhostname. I then could see my Public and Share folders. To open my Ubuntu Share folder, I had to enter my password and then Voila! I was in. I hope that does it for you!! You’re almost there:)


  2. Su, the ip address you typed is that of your router, not your server. You need to type the local ip of your server. You can find it on your router page.

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