HELP needed!!! —— Moodle + Drupal + Drush … in Progress (2)

Well, spend a couple of hours this morning beating my brains out on this Installing-Drupal task:

(“#teacherpoints” for Julie!!)

Get great help from Julie’s blog ( and very carefully read the tutorials she recommended:


Now my progress:

Drupal is installed already. Also tried to create a database:


However, when I tried to open the drupal index page, the page doesn’t appear, saying: “The requested URL not found on this server.”


So, I’ve followed the tutorials and changed the file settings.php.

“…you will need to open this file in your favourite editor and find the line that defines the variable $db_url and then change it so that it reflects the new database and account that you created earlier. In my example this would look like this:

$db_url = ‘mysql://drupal_user:my_password@localhost/drupal’;”

Please see my sceenshot:

Any idea what went wrong? And what should I do next?

Thanks folks!!



6 thoughts on “HELP needed!!! —— Moodle + Drupal + Drush … in Progress (2)

  1. Hey Su,

    I’m so sorry this is not working for you. I just hope my blog didn’t throw you off at all, as I’m not always sure I’ve followed the correct steps to complete some of these tasks. Anyway, I did want to say that the tutorial that involved the XAMPP was just one I referred to for the database creation, file permission settings, and configuration of drupal (ignore the XAMPP portion since we already have LAMP installed). It seems I can never find one tutorial with all the information I need so I often end up gathering info from various tutorials to help me complete the tasks. Umm…I’m just not sure what to suggest …Sometimes the comments at the bottom of the tutorials give you some ideas for troubleshooting. Wait, you haven’t installed drupal, yet have you? You created a database and set the file permissions, but has drupal been installed? I think you said it was… Someone mentioned on one of these tutorials that you could go to to install a site. So, if I enter, I get a message saying “Drupal already installed”. Wonder what it would say on your system.

    Sorry, Su…I’m not much help here.

    Anyone else have some ideas or better tutorials to share?


  2. Thank you so much for your super quick reply Julie!
    I’m not with the Ubuntu machine right now, but I’ll try the thing when i get back to it!
    Very good point! But still… I thought it’s installed though. I remember I did it from the Ubuntu Software Center. It was Drupal6. Then I renamed the folder as “Drupal”. If you could take a look at the last picture in this blog. Isn’t it there already? OR do I still need to Intall it in some way?
    Thanks again for the help!

  3. My guess is that you didn’t install drupal where apache can find it. Is it in /var/www/drupal? If so, is should show up as http://localhost/drupal/ . If not, you could also add a line to /etc/apache/sites-enabled/000-default like this:

    Alias /drupal /path/to/wherever/you/put/the/drupal/files

    After that you’ll need to restart or reload apache.

  4. I’m at the same point as Su. I don’t quite understand what you’re saying Jay. Add a line to something something by entering Alias something something….uh…what? Can you please, please, please clarify.

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  6. Su, Like Jay said, Your Drupal install, according to your last screenshot is not in the right place I believe. It should be located var/www/. It seems that your index file is in the right place because you can access it with localhost/. The main drupal folder should be in the same file as your index folder, moodle folder, ect. If it is not, then apache can not find it. Hope this helps

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