Moodle + Drupal + Drush … in Progress (1)

Made my first attempt at the new tasks today.

Jason wrote this great tutorial on installing Drush on his blog (thanks for the help, Jason!):

So I followed the instructions from

I installed Drush from the Ubuntu Software Center. And as Jason said, the files were in this folder: “/usr/share/drush”.

I can access the “drush help”, so I believe it’s installed and setup on my machine (hopefully).

Haven’t tried to use drush to install anything yet. Will try to figure out how to install things like tweetbutton later on. Any good tutorial on this?

Also, I’ve worked on installing Moodle. Here’s a screenshot:

The Software Center says it’s installed. And I’ve forwarded all the way through till the end, from where the screenshot was taken. Not very sure what’s the next step though.  

Will get back on the tasks soon.


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