Samba Installing. Well… almost done!

Tried the Samba task today.

I went through Nicole’s & Julie’s blogs and they led me to this great tutorial “How to configure Samba using a graphical interface in Ubuntu”. Then I followed the instructions step by step. I was able to follow all the directions quite well until the one LAST step. So:

I’ve installed Samba, then installed Samba Server configuration Tool.

Then I moved on to share the /home/su/Pictures folder by going to System–> Administration–>Samba.

I added the folder I want to share and setup the permissions access.

After that I went to the folder directory and set the share options.

Now the final thing I’m supposed to do is to check if I can connect from my windows machine.

I followed the tutorials and ran “” and it brought me to the router page.

My questions is: How do I get to the share folder?

I guess this question must sound very silly to you guys, but I got another dumb one here: What is the hostname of my Ubuntu machine?

Waiting for your reply.


Hi Nikki, thank you for your help!
So I’ve got my hostname here:


Then I went to my Window laptop and did “Run”. I entered //myubuntuhostname; it says error! Then I entered http://myubuntuhostname; it shows me this page:


Still can’t get to the share folder. I wonder why…