LibreOffice Mission Completed :-D

Well, actually, just got the first step done. Here are the screenshots.

[Install LibreOffice: Run LibreOffice. (5 points)]

“sudo apt-get -f install” is the key to my success. It solved my problem and got the LibreOffice installed in my Ubuntu machine… finally. 🙂

I’ll get back to it and play with it a bit more. Should be no problem to figure out how to add it to menus and make it the default for .odt/.doc file. So… more screen shots are coming up soon~~



New Progress:

[Add it to menus (5 points)]

[Make it the default for double-clicking a .odt/.doc file (5 points)]

I also installed a LibreOffice Grammar Checker, following the instructions here:  

So now if I go to “Tools” in my LibreOffice, I have this “Spelling and Grammar” tool there. ^-^

More information:

Mission Officially Completed! Hooray~~


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