First Attempt at Installing LibreOffice

Very frustrating experience!! I’ve searched and searched, and followed all kinds of instructions; tried different ways…

e.g. (BTW, very helpful information from Julie!)

Somehow it just won’t install on my machine. I kept getting “error” information (see sceenshots).

Then I tried to run “apt –get –f install” in Terminal. Again, error (see “-f.png”).

I also tried Software Center. No matter I clicked “Get Software” or “Installed Software”, it told me “The package system is broken”. I don’t understand…

What should I do to fix this? Thanks!


4 thoughts on “First Attempt at Installing LibreOffice

  1. Yes it worked this time, thanks!
    I noticed that format matters when I input the commands. I mean, “sudo apt –get –f install” won’t work. It only works through “sudo apt-get -f install”. Extra space causes failure.
    You probably put the space there just make it clear to me though, I guess.
    Thanks for help! 🙂

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