specs… Keep Trying!

So I’ve followed Nikki’s instruction. Thanks by the way!

I have run these two commands: “$ sudo lshw” & “top”.

Here are the screenshots. So I’ve got “Intel Corporation” here… what else then? Don’t know how to read the information here. 😦

As for the “top” one, I did not have RAM next to Mem.

Any help?

More screenshots here! ——


4 thoughts on “specs… Keep Trying!

  1. Hi Su. The first screen shot looks like you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of the page. Can you please post a screen shot of the top of that screen for the general specs. Also, on the second screen shot you can find the RAM by looking at the fourth line down. It reads Mem: 1017092k total, this translates to 993.25391 MB, or just about 1 GB of RAM.

  2. That’s right…it’s good to not that your system is 32 bit. A lot of computers are 64 bit and some software such as the new versions of Adobe, like CS4 and CS5, will only run on 64 bit. I won’t be worried about that for the purposes of this class though.

  3. Hey Nikki, I think you deserve some teacherpoints for your help here. The other day, you were saying you didn’t get any teacherpoints etc.; well… it’s not true! You’ve read my specs for me! So, go tweet some points! 😀

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