specs… HOW??

So I’ve got the server set up. Not very sure how to get the specs though.

For some reason, “CrucialScan.exe” doesn’t run on the machine.

Looking forward to some instructions. 😀 Thanks!


3 thoughts on “specs… HOW??

  1. Sue, filenames that end in .exe are Windows executable files, they are not meant to be opened on a Linux operating system. For the specs – Jay only wanted an idea of what kind of computer you have – processor / RAM / hard drive.

  2. Hi Su! I went through this trying to find specs in Ubuntu as well. I did two things to find out exactly what I have. First, I went to the Terminal and entered $Sudo lshw, this just gave general info on my machine. I found that I could go to the Terminal and enter Top and hit Enter. This is how I found out how much RAM I have. RAM was listed next to Mem:, however, it read 638096 KB so I just Googled “KB to MB converter”. This converted translated to 620 MB of RAM. Check out my blog post on this for pics. http://nikerdoodle.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/my-server-set-up/#comment-32 I hope that helps!!

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