Attempts… Failure!! :-(

I am getting so anxious about my IT566 course now.

First of all, I’ve not been slacking! The last attempt of flashing the router was a disaster. (Have no idea what to do with that router of mine now. Wondering if it’s a brick now after the first flashing step was done.) Then I had to wait for ages for the cable guy to get the cable moved in the house. Just got the network back on now!

Actually I have tried to install the Ubuntu system a while ago before we got the assignment. Went to and successfully downloaded “Ubuntu 10.10 – Latest version”. Then I tried to get 10.04LTS instead as required for the assignment. Unfortunately it didn’t go very well this time.

So I downloaded different versions of Ubuntu from Tried “64-bit PC (AMD64) server install CD” first. Error while installing. Then I tried “PC (Intel x86) server install CD” (i.e. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS). At this moment ——

I got stuck at “Install the base system” stage (tried to take a photo of the screen but the light didn’t work really well…)

It says “Debootstrap warning”:


              file://cdrom/pool/main/v/vim/vim-common_7.2.330-1ubuntu3_i386.deb was corrupt

Selecting “Go Back” didn’t help; and I couldn’t “Continue” from here.

Any help?




2 thoughts on “Attempts… Failure!! :-(

  1. Su – go here
    follow the instructions specifically, they have great screen-shots.
    1. do NOT try to install the 64-bit version unless you have a 64-bit processor; otherwise do the 32-bit. You can of course install the 32-bit even if you have a 64-bit processor, but some applications will be written in both 32-bit and 64-bit so if you have a 64-bit version installed they will theoretically be faster. If in doubt, install the 32-bit and you will be fine.
    2. be 100% certain that you are ‘burning the ISO’ image correctly – follow the instructions they have, they are very good.

  2. Hi Jason, I’ve read your post. Burned a new disk. It worked!! Thank you so much! 😀
    Now the system is installed. Trying to figure out my specs now…

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