Flashing the Linksys WRT54GS2V1 (To Be Continued…)

Trying to do “Flashing the Linksys WRT54GS2V1” right now. So far, just finished configuring my own computer’s local lan Ethernet address, subnet, gateway, etc. Done the hard resert. But ——

Where do I find this “firmware upgrade dialog” to flash “Vxworkskiller-G2V13.bin”? I didn’t see it on the “” page. It says “Firmware Version: 1.0.02”. Am I supposed to download a “firmware” in order to have the “upgrade dialog”? It’s a puzzle to me now…


(New Progress:)

I’m trying to finish the flashing thing today, following Jason’s turorial http://jtbennett.drupalgardens.com/comment/62#comment-62.

I’ve got problem at Step 4 (last time I did it on my Windows laptop). I don’t know about changing TCP/IP on a Ubuntu system. The instructions are quite clear.

However, after I input all the numbers, it wouldn’t allow me to hit “Apply”. As you can see from my screenshot, it was not highlighted. I was wondering…. why. Any help? Thanks!