07-08-21/22/23 — Three Days in England


英格兰的三天行程十分紧凑。剑桥的平底舟之行;巴思大教堂、Roman BathsJane Austen Centre;利物浦的Beatles纪念馆——虽然火车上花去大半时间,精华部分倒也一一览过了。其中最美的部分当然就是巴思了,天气晴朗是一个因素,但就城市本身而言巴思还是要赛过另外两座。夜间乘车经过山上的巴思大学,窗外阵阵花香,让我们很是遗憾没有机会在校园里悠闲的晃上一晃……剑桥和想像中相差不大;淅淅沥沥的小雨给泛舟平添了几分别样的情绪。利物浦就完全没有了这些浪漫的氛围,秀美绝对谈不上,感觉半座城都在建设之中,敲敲打打的,颇为恼人。加上过于匆忙,留下来整个的印象都是忙和乱。倒是John Lennon那副著名的小圆眼镜没有来由的印在了脑子里。回到家好几天了,还在温习please please me,音乐中他的标志性眼镜就一直在我眼前飘浮。





Guided river tours through the famous Cambridge Colleges.



The Roman Baths – BATH: “Walk where Romans once walked on ancient stone pavements around the steaming pool”;

“At the heart of the city lie the stone remains of one of the finest religious spas in the ancient world. See the ruins of the temple of Minerva, goddess of the thermal spring.”

“Visit the bath-house where local residents and pilgrims bathed nearly 2000 years ago.”

The hot spring – “Feel the heat of the only hot springs in the UK. More than a million litres of naturally hot water have bubbled up from deep underground daily for many centuries, bringing health and vitality to this beautiful city.”

Jane Austen Centre – BATH:  “Bath’s most famous resident”;

“The Jane Austen Centre is a new permanent exhibition which tells the story of Jane’s Bath experience and the effect that living here had on her and her writing.”

The Beatles Story – LIVERPOOL:

John Lennon’s iconic round spectacles;

The emotional and evocative white room;


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