[Su] ID2ID Journal Entries — Part II

From last November to present, Jackie and I have continued our bi-weekly meetings and have been sharing our current updates at work.

Good News. I was happy to learn about Jackie’s recent professional development experiences, especially about her recent interviews. It was such a valuable experience, and I am grateful that Jackie shared it with me. We both learned from this process. Moreover, Jackie and I have been sharing a wide range of resources throughout the program, from online learning conferences to networks, from Toastmasters Club for speaking skills to Quality Matters Certification as peer reviewers. Jackie and I agreed to maintain our professional connection beyond this program, and we hope to collaborate on some project(s) one day.

AHA Moments. Through our Zoom meetings, we realized more about the similarities between our institutions. We got to share our experiences on a series of same tools we use in daily work like Canvas LMS, Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Zoom, etc.

Concerns. As I mentioned in my last reflection, time management remains the biggest challenge during our ID2ID communications. Due to the holiday break at the end of the year and other life obligations, we had to reschedule several times. However, we did manage to keep our meetings going on a fairly regular basis, and I feel pretty proud of us for this.

Opportunities. One of the latest, biggest takeaway from Jackie is a new networking channel named LOOP by EdSurge. After hearing about Jackie’s positive experience with LOOP, I have decided to give it a try. I have signed up and participated their orientation session. I am looking forward to the next steps and to meeting and connecting with new professional ID in the field.

All in all, ID2ID Program 2017 served as an excellent platform both for me and my buddy to achieve strong professional growth, to keep in touch with the current trends and issues in Instructional Design, and to stay connected with the other participants. I truly appreciate this wonderful opportunity. I believe this learning experience will have a profound effect on the future development of my professional skills.

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